#3566: Love Songs Around the World

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For this New Sounds program, hear an hour of love songs from around the world, including a recording from the Malian Cuban group called Afrocubism, and a setting of the Song of Songs by Israeli singer Ofra Haza.  Listen to songs in Spanish, Portugal, Cajun-French, Hebrew, Bengali, and maybe even English.  Listen to the multi-level Iranian love (and also devotional) poetry from Bahar Movahed & Ali Akbar Moradi as well as a Cajun love song from Beausoleil. Plus, a song about forbidden love from Egypt by Ali Hassan Kuban, and a little bit of Kraftwerk.

PROGRAM #3566 Love Songs  Around the World (First aired on 2/14/2014)  

ARTIST: Afrocubism
WORK: Jarabi, excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: Afrocubism
SOURCE: Nonesuch 525993
INFO: nonesuch.com

ARTIST: Madredeus
WORK: Ecos na Catedral (Echoes in the Cathedral) [6:24]
RECORDING: Madredeus
SOURCE: MetroBlue #31590
INFO: Out of print. Available as an import via Amazon.com

ARTIST: Susana Baca
WORK: De Los Amores [5:14]
RECORDING: Eco De Sombras
SOURCE: Luaka Bop #48912 
INFO: luakabop.com

ARTIST: Afrocubism
WORK: Jarabi [5:57]
RECORDING: Afrocubism
SOURCE: Nonesuch 525993
INFO: nonesuch.com

WORK: Nah-ee-nah [0:30]
INFO: bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Ofra Haza
WORK: Love Song (The Biblical Song Of Songs) [2:30]
RECORDING: My-Private-Diary-Vol-1
INFO: Available at Emusic.com or iTunes

ARTIST: Bahar Movahed & Ali Akbar Moradi
WORK: Beloved [5:48]
RECORDING: Goblet of Eternal Light
SOURCE: Traditional Crossroads 4345
INFO: traditionalcrossroads.com

ARTIST: Red Byrd
WORK: John Paul jones - So elle encina [4:40]
RECORDING: Songs of Love and Death
SOURCE: Facd 336 Out of print. 
INFO: Info at cerysmaticfactory.info

ARTIST: Various Artists: Beausoleil
WORK: Je M'endors [3:21]
RECORDING: More Cajun Music And Zydeco
SOURCE: Rounder #11573
INFO: rounder.com

ARTIST: Purna Das Baul
WORK: Gopon Prem (Secret Love) [5:01]
RECORDING: Music of the Honey Gatherers
SOURCE: Riverboat, TUG1056
INFO: worldmusic.net

ARTIST: Ali Hassan Kuban
WORK: Koma Wo Beda (Forbidden Love) [4:10]
RECORDING: Real Nubian: Cairo Wedding Classics
SOURCE: Piranha  #1575
INFO: piranha.de

ARTIST: Hedningarna
WORK: Heila/True Love [5:11]
RECORDING: Karelia Visa
SOURCE: Northside 6025
INFO: noside.com OR download from iTunes

ARTIST: Kraftwerk
WORK: Computer Love, excerpt [1:15]
RECORDING: Computer World
SOURCE: Elektra/Warner 3549
INFO: Available at Amazon.com