#3547: Music for Gamelan

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For this New Sounds, hear music that features the gamelan, that large percussion orchestra traditionally associated with the royal courts of Indonesia. Listen to music from the Royal Court Gamelan of Surakarta, from a classic Nonesuch Explorer recording.  Also, hear music for gamelan by the American composer Lou Harrison, who with his partner, Bill Colvig, eventually designed and built their own gamelan ensembles. Plus, there’s music from the German composer Eberhard Schoener who combined gamelan and electronics, along with something from Gamelan Son of Lion.

PROGRAM #3547–Music for Gamelan  (First aired on 12/18/2013)

ARTIST: Bill Alves
WORK: Elegy for Bill Colvig [9:33]
RECORDING: Imbal-Imbalan new music for gamelan
SOURCE: Spectral Harmonies #001.
INFO: billalves.com

ARTIST: Royal Court Gamelan of Surakarta
WORK: Babar Layar (Setting the Sail) [21:09]
RECORDING: Explorer Series: Indonesia, Java: Court Gamelan, Volume II
SOURCE: Nonesuch 79721
INFO: nonesuch.com

ARTIST: Lou Harrison, William Winant, members of the Mirecourt Trio & the Mills College Gamelan Ensemble
WORK: Lou Harrison: Double Concerto for Violin and Cello with Javanese Gamelan, Mvmt. 1 [8:14]
RECORDING: Double Concerto for V
SOURCE:  Music & Arts 635
INFO:  Reissued with different pairing of Harrison’s Piano Trio, for violin, cello & piano on Music & Arts 1073. Available at Amazon.com or Arkiv Music www.arkivmusic.com

ARTIST: Eberhard Schoener
WORK: Nadi [6:14]
SOURCE: Celestial Harmonies #002.
INFO: eberhard-schoener.combut the album seems to be long out of print

ARTIST: Gamelan Son of Lion
WORK: David Simons: Naked We Stand [5:58]
SOURCE: Innova 718 
INFO: innova.mu