#3545: Music From the Dark Side

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Listen to music from the dark side for this New Sounds program. Listen to music associated with Tenebrae, the Christian service held during Holy Week in the spring where candles are extinguished gradually until all that is left is darkness.  There’s a work by Bryce Dessner played by Kronos Quartet and featuring Sufjan Stevens, “Tenebre,” along with the Irish choir Anúna performing Tenebrae in Gaelic.  Also, listen to nocturnes from the band Rachel’s, and a work by Missy Mazzoli.  Then, hear “Dark Was the Night,” a piece of Phil Kline’s millennial mass “John the Revelator” and a short dark piece from Brian Eno as well.

PROGRAM #3545–Music in the Dark (First aired on 12/13/2013)       

ARTIST: Kings Singers
WORK: Carlo Gesualdo - Tenebrae Responsories, excerpt [1:49]
RECORDING: Gesualdo: Tenebrae Responsories for Maundy Thursday
INFO: signumrecords.com

ARTIST: Bryce Dessner with Kronos Quartet, and Sufjan Stevens
WORK: Tenebre [15:10]
SOURCE: Anti 272962
INFO: kingsroadmerch.com/anti-records

WORK: Tenebrae IV [2:40]
RECORDING: Sensation
SOURCE: Danu 023 
INFO: anuna.ie

WORK: Ghosts [0:18]
RECORDING: The Bell That Never Rang
SOURCE: Lau Music
INFO: http://www.lau-music.co.uk/

ARTIST: Rachel’s
WORK: Texas Nocturne #2 [:54]
RECORDING: Significant Others
SOURCE: Rachel's Archive 2002
INFO: Only available digitally at fina-music.com

ARTIST: Phil Kline (performed by Lionheart & ETHEL)
WORK: Dark Was the Night [5:50]
RECORDING: John the Revelator, A Mass for Six Voices
SOURCE: Cantaloupe 21047
INFO: cantaloupemusic.com

ARTIST: Rachel’s
WORK: Texas Nocturne No. 1 [1:01]
RECORDING: Significant Others
SOURCE: Rachel's Archive 2002
INFO: Only available digitally at fina-music.com

ARTIST: Victoire / Missy Mazzoli
WORK: Mazzoli: A Door Into the Dark [5:21]
RECORDING: Cathedral City
SOURCE: New Amsterdam 25
INFO: newamsterdamrecords.com

ARTIST: Brian Eno
WORK: In Dark Trees [2:32]
RECORDING: Another Green World
SOURCE: E.G. Records # 21
INFO: Download or purchase from Amazon.com

ARTIST: Marty Walker, bass clarinet with Amy Knoles, Bryan Pezzone
WORK: John Luther Adams: Dark Wind [13:21]
RECORDING: Adams, Cox, Fink, Fox
SOURCE: Cold Blue Music CB009
INFO: coldbluemusic.com