#3537: Pipes & Wind Instruments Aplenty

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Listen to the pipes and flutes a-calling on this New Sounds program.  From the ocarinas and simple flutes in music by Alaska-based John Luther Adams to the pipes and wind instruments of Finland in music by Wind on Wind, there’s sure to be something to wet the whistle.  Listen to the intricate rhythmic interplay of pan pipes from the South Pacific, along with the unusual textures of wind instruments from the Andes, music from Argentinian producer/DJ Chancha Via Circuito, and more.

PROGRAM #3537– (First aired on 11/22/2013)             

ARTIST: Chancha via Circuito
WORK: Cumbion de las aves, excerpt [1:30]
INFO: zzkrecords.com

ARTIST: Wind on Wind
WORK: Lippa [3:00]
RECORDING: Arctic Paradise 2014
SOURCE: Music Finland
INFO: Also available with the September 2013 issue of Songlines magazine. songlines.co.uk

WORK: Imaraycu [2:33]
RECORDING: Doctrine of Cycles (La Doctrina de los Ciclos)
SOURCE: New Albion #029 
INFO: Available at iTunes or Amazon.com

ARTIST: Not Drowning, Waving
WORK: Feast [2:25]
SOURCE: WEA/Australia #90317-2999
INFO: Available from iTunes, or as an import on Amazon.com

ARTIST: Thirteenth Tribe
WORK:  Dream Hunters [10:02]
RECORDING: Ping Pong Anthropology
SOURCE: Review Records Rere 174cd 
INFO: Out of print, but try Amazon.co.uk 

ARTIST: Una Ramos
WORK: Rocotito [3:23]
RECORDING: Poupee de Porcelaine
SOURCE: Ocora / Chant du Monde #LDX-74683
INFO: Out of print.

ARTIST: Chancha via Circuito
WORK: Cumbion de las aves [4:45]
INFO: zzkrecords.com

ARTIST: Francis Bebey
WORK: Pygmy Love Song [3:51]
RECORDING: African Electronic Music 1975 - 1982
SOURCE: Born Bad Records BB039
INFO: bornbadrecords.net

ARTIST: John Luther Adams
WORK: Mourning Dove [2:30]
RECORDING: Songbirdsongs
SOURCE: Opus One #66 (LP) 
INFO: Other recording of the piece: Centaur #2273, available at www.arkivmusic.com or mode 240, Moderecords.com

ARTIST: From Scratch
WORK: Pipes & drum stations, & soprano saxophone [11:21]
RECORDING: Songs For Heroes
SOURCE: Rattle Records RAT –D002
INFO: rattlerecords.net