Washington's Back At It

Monday, April 12, 2010

Congress returns to work today after a two week recess; a nuclear summit in DC continues the conversation over the future of US weapons stockpiles; and a Republican straw poll advances speculation over the GOP's 2012 strategy, including how Mitt Romney is trying to differentiate "Romney-care" from "Obama-care." Susan Page, Washington bureau chief for USA Today, and Michael Scherer, White House correspondent for Time Magazine, help set the agenda for the week.


Susan Page and Michael Scherer

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I was astounded by your question, and the lack of response from your guests, when you asked why the U.S. would possibly respond to a nuclear attack with their own nuclear attack. "Why would we do that? For retribution?" The answer, of course (and any truly reasonable person would not have had to ask the question to begin with), is that the President is responsible for protecting the safety of the people of the United States, and while "retribution" might, in some cases, actually be justified, the absolute correct answer, when the perpetrator country is known beyond any shadow of doubt, could only be "to protect the United States against another such attack". My God, is that such a hard concept to grasp? If any of these clowns ever get a A-bomb or the equivalent of same, and drop it on Manhattan while you and your family are in it, and my idea of an appropriate response is made, are you going to go on the air the next morning (assuming there is an "air" to go on) and suggest that we should not have used a nuclear response because some might see it as unnecessarily harsh retribution in light of the fact that a second attack - say, on Brooklyn - has not yet come about? And if it does, what then? A third attack? Fourth? Come on, Brian, I listen to you almost every morning and you're far too intelligent a guy to even ask such a question!

Apr. 12 2010 11:25 AM

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