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Talk to Me: Spot the Liar at Cornelia Street Café

In early April, the Cornelia Street Café hosted its monthly Liar Show.  The premise is simple: Out of four storytellers, one is a liar, and it’s up to the audience to spot the fake. The four storytellers were Leslie Goshko, Robert Hurst, Joanne Soloman and Emily Epstein.

Please be aware that these accounts, both true and false, involve sex, drugs, and borderline behavior.

Bon Mots

Leslie Goshko on Being a High-School Drama Teacher: "Let’s get rid of the curriculum, and only teach a class about the addictions and deaths of Saturday Night Live players."

Robert Hurst on Going to the Burning Man Festival:
"I thought, what better way to stick it to the old man than to do drugs and hang out with gays?"

Joanne Solomon on Running Away:
"It’s like the first stop of their world tour, where all these great things are going to happen—or people are just ridiculously sad, sad, sad. "