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Talk to Me: 'Eight White Nights' with André Aciman

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“Most of literature is about love, if it’s not about war,” declared writer André Aciman. He spoke with New York Public Library President Paul LeClerc about the meaning of literature during a recent "Live from the NYPL" event. The author explained that "literature is always interested in asking questions that are very difficult and refuses to give easy answers." Aciman also discussed his provocative new book, Eight White Nights, which is a chronicle of a short affair between two hip New Yorkers.

Stream and download the talk here for free.

Bon Mots

On Writing Literature: "One of the things one wants to do is embrace a problem, give it a face, give it a plot"

On Emerson: "[He said] you grow towards the book but, lo and behold, the book grows toward you, as well."

On Facebook: "Because of [the novel] Call Me By Your Name, the whole Italian gay community has friended me."