#3526: Hybrid Ensembles

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Uri Sharlin   the DogCat Ensemble

Hear new music from Uri Sharlin & the DogCat Ensemble on this New Sounds program. It’s a mixed breed (groan) group featuring guitar, accordion, and percussion trio that infuses Israel and Brazil into New York. Its members collectively have pedigrees from traditional Irish music, the Klezmer scene and orchestral music as well. Also hear music from the Montreal-based chamber jazzers Esmerine, who most recently collaborated with Turkish musicians. Plus, a few other like-minded hybrid ensembles and more.

PROGRAM #3526– Hybrid Ensembles (First aired on 10/24/2013)   

ARTIST: Uri Sharlin & the DogCat Ensemble
WORK: Night Swim [5:01]
RECORDING: Back to the Woods
SOURCE: Folk Dune Records
INFO:  Available on Amazon

ARTIST: Stephan Crump & the Rosetta Trio
WORK: Overreach [5:47]
RECORDING: Reclamation
SOURCE: Sunnyside Records SSC1243
INFO: bnzr.com

ARTIST: Arun Ghosh
WORK: The Gypsies of Rajasthan [6:45]
RECORDING: A South Asian Suite
SOURCE: Camoci Records
INFO: Available on Amazon

ARTIST: Esmerine
WORK: Translator’s Clos II [6:52]
SOURCE: Constellations Records CST096
INFO: cstrecords.com

ARTIST: Ted Reichman
WORK: My Ears Are Bent [8:21]
RECORDING: My Ears Are Bent
SOURCE: Skirl Records 002
INFO: skirlrecords.com

ARTIST: Barbez
WORK: Umevi Goel [5:15]
SOURCE: Tzadik 8180
INFO: tzadik.com

ARTIST: Stephan Crump & the Rosetta Trio
WORK: Whiteout [4:20]
SOURCE: Sunnyside Records 1364
INFO: sunnysidezone.com