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Chew Lips
Playing at: Littlefield
(622 Degraw St., Gowanus)
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When the three members of South London's Chew Lips first decided to form a band in 2008, the trio had a lot of faith in their new creative venture -- so much faith that they booked their first gig before they'd even written any songs. Faced with a very real put-up-or-shut-up deadline, multi-instrumentalists Will Sanderson and James Watkins and singer Tigs got together and wrote 10 songs in their first rehearsal. The show came and went -- as did many others -- and pretty soon the electro-pop band was getting noticed by radio DJs and label folk. After dropping a few singles, the group unleashed their debut album Unicorn early this year. "Seven" brings to mind the sleekness of Eurythmics; it's not that Tigs' voice is as sonorous as Annie Lennox's, but she has the same ability to warm up the inherent iciness of synth-pop with belt-it-out soulfulness.

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