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Mi Ami
"Latin Lover"
Playing at: Cake Shop
(152 Ludlow St. L.E.S.,)
Get: Tickets ($8 at door) | Directions

Mi Ami was built on the ruins of D.C. noisemakers Black Eyes, who disbanded shortly before their second album was to be released. Though the band is smaller and tighter than its predecessor, songs like "Latin Lover" exhibit a committment to carrying on Black Eyes' sweaty, basement-party-rattling tradition. From the collection of unearthly squawks that constitute lyrics on this six-minute freakout, only two phrases are distinctly intelligible: "I wanna dance with somebody / I wanna feel the heat with somebody." And though a Whitney Houston shout-out ought to register as empty irony, the song's groove is so furious, so hypnotic, that one cannot help but relate.

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