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Pepi Ginsberg
"Coca Cola"
Playing FRIDAY at: Loading Dock
(170 Tillary St., Downtown Brooklyn)
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"I didn’t want to just strum a song anymore,” says Brooklynite Pepi Ginsberg of preparing her latest album, East Is East. “It’s funny, but these days it grosses me out to accompany myself with traditional arrangements.” With only that description to go on, a listener could be forgiven for imagining the record as some convoluted cubist affair. It's not — in fact, much of the instrumentation on East Is East is as traditional as it gets. But Ginsberg does display an acute talent for making minor tweaks to the most time-honored formulas. "Coca Cola" sounds as though the rhythm section decided to swap instruments as a goof, with a lead guitar lick that sounds much more like a bass line, and a bass line stripped down so far it seems almost ornamental.

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