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Meshell Ndegeocello
"White Girl"
Playing FRIDAY and SATURDAY at: Joe's Pub
(425 Lafayette St., East Village)
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All the while that Meshell Ndegeocello has been evading musical categorization, the bassist, singer and songwriter has been racking up fans — and critical acclaim — for her pigeonhole-me-if-you-can catalogue of charged songs that span the spectrum of music. For her eighth album, the 2009 release Devil's Halo, the musical chameleon turned her gaze to soulful pop. Grounded by an undeniably hooky bass line and melody, "White Girl" weaves in and out of graceful funk as Ndegeocello sings about desire. Tonight, the eclectic songstress continues her three-night run at Joe's Pub with this evening's performance focused on songs from her 1999 album, Bitter. Tomorrow night, Ndegeocello presents an evening of Gil Scott-Heron covers.

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