#3515: Music for Voices and Strings

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Composer/ Performer Caleb Burhans

For this New Sounds, listen to new music from violinist and vocalist Caleb Burhans.  His latest release “Evensong” explores both the secular and sacred, along with works both instrumental and choral.  Listen to his "The Things Left Unsaid," one of the instrumentals on the record. Also, hear music by Nico Muhly, which draws from both the minimalist tradition and Anglican hymns. Then listen to a classic masterwork by Meredith Monk - "Dolmen Music."  Plus, an ambient-sounding work from Hungarian composer Gyorgy Ligeti and more.

PROGRAM #3515– Music for voices and strings (First aired on 9/27/2013)    

ARTIST: Alarm Will Sound
WORK: Caleb Burhans: The Things Left Unsaid [8:30]
SOURCE: Cantaloupe Music CA21094
INFO:   bangonacan.org  

ARTIST: Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble
WORK: 2 Excerpts [11:21]
RECORDING: Dolmen Music
INFO:   ecmrecords.com

ARTIST: Various Artists: Monk/Arr. Sakamoto
WORK: Astronaut Anthem remix [5:22]
RECORDING: Monk Mix: Remixes & Interpretations Of Music By Meredith Monk, Vol. 1
SOURCE:  2012 The House Foundation for the Arts
INFO: Available at www.meredithmonk.org OR Amazon.com

ARTIST: Reinbert de Leeuw, conductor Cappella Amsterdam Asko/Schoenberg Ensemble
WORK: György Ligeti: Clocks and clouds for 12 female voices and orchestra  [14:26]
RECORDING: The Ligeti Project III: Cello Concerto / Clocks & Clouds / Violin Concerto / Síppal, Dobbal, Nádihegedüvel
SOURCE: Teldec 87631
INFO: Out of print, but try Amazon.com

ARTIST: Nico Muhly, feat. Caroline Plizska, violin
WORK: Hide and Seek [8:56]
SOURCE: Moviescore Media 08005
INFO: nicomuhly.com