#3510: Near East/South Asian Connections

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Nashaz. L to R are George Mel, Apostolos Sideris, Nathan Herrera, Brian Prunka, Kenny Warren

For this New Sounds, listen to music that mixes together the traditions of South Asia and the middle East and just as far west as Turkey.  Brooklyn-based Nashaz brings the Arab classical music influence to their oud-led jazz outfit, playing with scale, “Hijaz.” (Leader and oud player Brian Prunka also runs an Arabic jazz blog, as well as an oud site, for delving into the all the music theory.)  Also, Niyaz, the Montreal-based Iranian-American group, brings the Persian influence, and features hammered dulcimer.

Then, listen to world music with an Indian cast from Natraj.  Plus, Persia meets the Turkish tradition with a collaboration between Kayhan Kalhor on kemancheh (Persian spike-fiddle) and Erdal Erzincan on Turkish bağlama (also called the saz, a long-necked lute.)  And more.

PROGRAM #3510– Near East/South Asian Connections  (First aired on 9/17/2013)    

WORK: Arezou [3:12]
SOURCE: Six Degrees 657036 1110
INFO: sixdegreesrecords.com

ARTIST: Nashaz
WORK: Hijaz Nashaz [9:33]
SOURCE: Ziryab Records
INFO: cdbaby.com/nashaz

ARTIST: Natraj
WORK: Dha Ra Dha Tin Na  [8:04]
RECORDING: The Goat Also Gallops 
SOURCE: Dorian 80124 
INFO: dorian.com

ARTIST: Warren Senders & Antigravity
WORK: Friends Everywhere [5:20]
RECORDING: Antigravity
SOURCE: Accurate AC-4307
INFO: accuraterecords.com

ARTIST: Ghazal (Kayhan Kalhor & Shujaat Khan)
WORK: Pari Mahal [8:08]
RECORDING: Moon Rise Over the Silk Road
SOURCE: Shanachie #66024
INFO: shanachie.com

ARTIST: Kayhan Kalhor, Erdal Erzincan
WORK: Kula Kulluk Yakisir Mi [8:57]
RECORDING: Kula Kulluk Yakisir Mi
INFO: ecmrecords.com

ARTIST: Kayhan Kalhor & Brooklyn Rider 
WORK: Ascending Bird [6:54]
RECORDING: Silent City
SOURCE: World Village #468078
INFO: worldvillagemusic.com