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Caetano Veloso
"Sem Cais"
Playing at: Terminal 5
(610 W. 56th St., Midtown West)
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Brazilian pop luminary Caetano Veloso has been called the Bob Dylan of Brazil, and if you're familiar with his celebrated body of work and his revered place in Brazilian culture, you'll understand why. Since he first emerged on the Brazilian music scene as a promising lyricist over 40 years ago, Veloso has been lauded for his singular songwriting, his deftness in forging new musical styles (he was at the forefront of Tropicalismo), and his defiant stance against the oppressive Brazilian government of the '60s. After a four-year exile from his native country, countless albums, a breakthrough in the States and decades of sitting high on the pedestal of pop greats, Veloso continues to make music. On this track from his new album Zii E Zie (out March 30 in the U.S.), Veloso's easy, sunny vocals and guitar warm up a simple melody before the tune takes a turn into slinky, minimalist funk courtesy of Veloso's backing group BandaCê.

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