#3509: With John Zorn

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Composer, producer, performer, conductor, record label founder, and musical ringleader John Zorn (add “genius” in there too – he was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship) joins us for this New Sounds program to present selections from his massive Masada Project, Book 2: Book of Angels.  Comprised of over 300 tunes, the Book of Angels is inspired by traditional Jewish music and at various points combines jazz with elements of psych-rock, many world music traditions, brass band parades, and thrash metal.  Listen to selections by Secret Chiefs (members of Mr. Bungle), pianist Uri Caine, Pat Metheny, the Masada Quintet featuring Joe Lovano, Mycale (a vocal quartet), cellist Erik Friedlander, and many others.

PROGRAM #3509–With John Zorn for Masada Book 2 (First aired on 9/12/2013)        

ARTIST: Uri Caine
WORK: Tufrial [4:05]
RECORDING: Moloch: Book of Angels Volume 6
SOURCE: Tzadik 7360
INFO:  tzadik.com

ARTIST: Bar Kokhba Sextet
WORK: Dalquiel [6:08]
RECORDING: Lucifer: Book of Angels Volume 10
SOURCE: Tzadik 7367
INFO: tzadik.com

ARTIST: Secret Chiefs
WORK: Omael [4:01]
RECORDING: Xaphan Book of Angels Volume 9
SOURCE: Tzadik 7364
INFO: tzadik.com

ARTIST: Mycale (Ayelet Rose Gottlieb: Voice, Sofia Rei Koutsovitis: Voice, Basya Schecter: Voice, Malika Zarra: Voice)
WORK: Asaph [3:19]
RECORDING: Mycale: Book of Angels Volume 13
SOURCE: Tzadik 7378
INFO: tzadik.com

ARTIST: Masada Quintet, feat. Joe Lovano (Joey Baron: Drums, Uri Caine: Piano, Greg Cohen: Bass, Dave Douglas: Trumpet, Joe Lovano: Tenor Saxophone, John Zorn: Alto Sax)
WORK: Haamiah [4:20]
RECORDING: Stolas: The Book of Angels Volume 12
SOURCE: Tzadik 7375
INFO: tzadik.com

ARTIST: (Cyro Baptista’s) Banquet of the Spirits 
WORK: Zaphaniah [3:53]
RECORDING: Caym: The Book Of Angels Volume 17
SOURCE: Tzadik 7388
INFO: tzadik.com

ARTIST: Gnostic Trio (Frisell, Carol Emanuel, Wollesen)
WORK: John Zorn: Atarah, excerpt [1:25]
RECORDING: Testament of Solomon
SOURCE: Tzadik 8321
INFO: tzadik.com

ARTIST: Erik Friedlander
WORK: Sannul [1:19]
RECORDING: Volac: Book of Angels Volume 8
SOURCE: Tzadik 7363
INFO:  tzadik.com

ARTIST: Pat Metheny
WORK: Tharsis [5:54]
RECORDING: Tap: John Zorn's Book of Angels Volume  20
SOURCE: Tzadik 8307
INFO: tzadik.com