#3507: Mid-Sized Ensembles

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Listen to music from mid-sized ensembles on this New Sounds program.  There’s music from Daniel Wohl and members of TRANSIT from his record, “Corps Exquis,” as a sextet, involving electronics.  Then listen to the Bar Kokhba Sextet playing music by John Zorn, from Book of Angels; the volume is titled “Lucifer.” The record is one of many in the 2nd part of his large “Masada” collection of pieces, all performed by other artists and ensembles.

Then hear chamber jazz from bassist/composer Stephan Crump’s Rosetta Trio and music (for sleeping) from the Swedish AKKU Quintet.  There’s also music from England’s Portico Quartet, including music for hang (drum.) along with the Austrian trombonist Christian Muthspiel and his quartet, riffing on music by John Dowland. Plus, more music from Daniel Wohl & members of TRANSIT, played on a bunch of melodicas.  Really.

PROGRAM #3507– mid-sized ensembles (First aired on 9/5/2013)             

ARTIST: Daniel Wohl & members of TRANSIT
WORK: Ouverture [5:45]
RECORDING: Corps Exquis
SOURCE: New Amsterdam NWAM048
INFO: newamsterdamrecords.com

ARTIST: Stephan Crump’s Rosetta Trio
WORK: Thwirl [5:07]
SOURCE: Sunnyside 1364
INFO: stephancrump.com

ARTIST: Bar Kokhba Sextet feat.: Cyro Baptista: Percussion, Joey Baron: Drums, Greg Cohen: Bass, Mark Feldman: Violin, Erik Friedlander: Cello, Marc Ribot: Guitar
WORK: Sother [5:58]
RECORDING: Lucifer: Book of Angels vol. 10 
SOURCE: Tzadik 7367
INFO: tzadik.com

ARTIST: Akku Quintet
WORK: Pasquinelli :Falling Asleep [4:21]
RECORDING: Stages of Sleep
SOURCE: akkuquintet.bandcamp.com
INFO: akkuquintet.com

ARTIST: Portico Quartet
WORK: Shed Song (Improv No. 1) [8:22]
SOURCE: Real World CDRWX174
INFO: www.realworldrecords.com | www.porticoquartet.com

ARTIST: Annie Gosfield
WORK: Daughters of the Industrial Revolution [5:35]
RECORDING: Almost Truths & Open Deceptions
SOURCE: Tzadik 8088
INFO: tzadik.com

ARTIST: Christian Muthspiel 4
WORK: Happy Tears [7:54]
RECORDING: Seaven Teares
SOURCE: ACT Music 9551-2
INFO: actmusic.com

ARTIST: Daniel Wohl & members of TRANSIT
WORK: Fluctuations [5:24]
RECORDING: Corps Exquis
SOURCE: New Amsterdam NWAM048
INFO: newamsterdamrecords.com