#3503: Inspired by Sci-Fi

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There’s music inspired by Sci-Fi books & film for this New Sounds program.  Listen to the internet opera and sonic book by Mendi & Keith Obadike, “The Sour Thunder,” which consists of two simultaneous stories; Mendi traveling with a friend to study Afro-Dominican culture and tracing the slave trade through the Dominican Repulic, and that of a state called Solaika Dast, where scent is the method of communication. There’s also recent music by Londoner Pete M. Wyer, his “Planet 49,” a response to the Danny Boyle film, “Sunshine” about a mission in 2057 to set off a nuclear bomb to reignite our dying sun.

Then, listen to an alternate score for the classic 1972 Andrei Tarkovsky sci-fi film, “Solaris” by  Australian-born Ben Frost & Icelandic conductor/arranger/composer Daníel Bjarnason.  Plus, music from MIT-based composer Tod Machover, who wrote an opera inspired by the novel “Valis” by  Philip K. Dick.  And more.

PROGRAM #3503 – Inspired by Sci-Fi (First aired on 8/27/2013)             

ARTIST: Pete M. Wyer
WORK: You Can't Talk To Her When She's Like This [8:06]
RECORDING: Planet 49
SOURCE: planet49.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Ben Frost / Daníel Bjarnason
WORK: Saccades [6:01]
SOURCE: Bedroom Community HVALUR 012
INFO: bedroomcommunity.net

ARTIST: Mendi + Keith Obadike
WORK: Even the Magnolia/The Scent of Sugar Cane [6:08]
RECORDING: The Sour Thunder
SOURCE: Bridge Records 9158
INFO: bridgerecords.com

ARTIST: Tangerine Dream
WORK: Mysterious Semblance At The Strand of Nightmares [10:45]
SOURCE: Virgin - #TAND 5, Reissued in 1995 from the 1974 album.
INFO: Available at Amazon.com

ARTIST: Tod Machover
WORK: Overture & Finale [6:38]
SOURCE: Bridge Records 9007
INFO: bridgerecords.com

WORK: Moon Fever [3:34]
RECORDING: Le Voyage Dans La Lune
SOURCE: Astralwerks 
INFO: aircheology.com

ARTIST: Pete M. Wyer
WORK: Flying Or Falling, excerpt [7:28]
RECORDING: Planet 49
SOURCE: planet49.bandcamp.com