Census Coverage: Flash Census, Karl Rove, Gay Marriage

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We've been following tons of Census coverage, and some amusing videos and multimedia have been popping up. Here's a little roundup of some of the best stuff:

Today, the Census Bureau reached out to the LGBT community for the first time with the release of a series of PSAs encouraging same-sex partners to fill out the Census. The official Census Bureau site boasts a variety of videos, but the organization Equal Roots put out a great one featuring actor George Takei of Star Trek fame, and his husband Brian Altman.


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And on what may be considered the other side of the spectrum, former Bush advisor Karl Rove was featured in a Census spot that debuted yesterday. In it, he talks about his favorite founding father, James Madison, and compares the simple 10 questions on today's form to the very first census in 1790.

On April 1, Census Day, U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert Groves was a good sport on the Daily Show.

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Also on April 1, the New York Times conducted a 'Flash Census' in all five boroughs, providing a wonderful slice of life, as it is now, in our city.

A screen shot from the New York Times

A screen shot from the New York Times