From the WNYC Archives: Vintage Baseball Audio

Bobby Thompson's "Shot Hear Round the World"

Bobby Thompson\'s \'Shot Hear Round the World\'

As we gear up for the baseball season to begin, WNYC Archivist Andy Lanset has sent us some fun clips from great moments in baseball history and some of our favorite baseball players. We begin our journey into the past with the end of the 1951 season, when the Subway series ended with Bobby Thomson's ninth inning home run and a surprising Giants win.

The opening of this Universal Newsreel from October 4th, 1951 expresses the 'sudden death' attitude about the Subway series battle between the Dodgers and the Giants for the National League Pennant:

Sports announcer Russ Hodges makes the phrase 'The Giants win the Pennant!' famous in the next very exciting clip from the same Pennant match-up:

Here's a snippet from a Universal Newsreel that introduces the opening game for the subsequent World Series between the Yankees and the Giants in 1951:

In this clip from July 25th, 1966, baseball great Casey Stengel thanks his TREE-mendous fans:

Here's another clip from the same day of Stengel talking about some of his first encounters with Babe Ruth:

The Babe himself talks about his retirement in this next clip from April 27th, 1947:

Hank Aaron addresses Congress around Flag Day in 1974 and tells them that since his first days as a baseball player, he's 'aimed for the flag':