10 Questions that Count: On The Air

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In early March we'll officially launch our '10 Questions that Count' census project, but for now we're getting ready, blogging about some of the preparations and doing a few on-air segments. Here are the census-related conversations that have already aired.

+Series: Five Census Myths Each day during the first week of March, William Frey, Demographer and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution clears up a myth about the U.S. Census.

+ Why the Census Divides Us (2/23/10) Why is the census such a politically contentious endeavor? Amy Sullivan, contributing writer for Time magazine answers that question.

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+ Selling the Census (2/9/10) New York Times advertising columnist Stuart Elliot discusses the media blitz - and the large amounts of funding - that drives census awareness.

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+ Alaska First (1/7/10) Valerie Lapinski, the BL Show's census editor, is in Alaska where polling begins ahead of the rest of the country. She checks in from Sitka to discuss the early counting and preview the 10 Questions that Count project.

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