January Weekly Series: Bad Parent

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from Pierre Bedat

from Pierre Bedat


Rufus Griscom, the founder of Babble.com, has been the weekly guest for the month of January. Each week we delved into one of the parenting taboos highlighted on the taboo-smashing column on Babble.com called 'Bad Parent'. Each segment has generated a lot of listener discussion, so we thought we'd compile the segments here.

Bad Parent: Ambivalent Parenting
We asked listeners to tell us if they were willing to admit that were ambivalent about becoming parents.

Bad Parent: The Limits
We asked listeners to tell us what their limit is on how much they'll sacrifice for their kids.

Bad Parent: How Many Kids Should You Have?
We asked listeners: Is 6 kids too many? Is 1 not enough? And is it anyone else's business how many kids you have anyway?

Bad Parent: What's So Bad About Spoiling Your Kids?
Does spoiling create little monsters, or are you just giving your kids what they need to get ahead?