Loud City Map

from thetruthabout on flickr

from thetruthabout on flickr


Do you wince every time a squealing train pulls into the station? On the Brian Lehrer Show on Monday, January 11th, we talked about noise in the city and hearing loss.

Check out the map below for the noisiest places our listeners have identified in New York City. Click the map on the sound icon to read about the noisy spot.

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Did we miss a spot? Post your suggestions in the comments section below, and we’ll add it to the map!

Also, many of you wrote or called in with places that are hard to map. Here's a sample:

Celia from Staten Island says: Our 10-year old public school has DJs come in and do dances for the kids. Parents stand next to each other and literally scream at the tops of our voices, and we can’t’ hear each other. I’ve asked DJs to lower the volume. The principals are there, the teachers are there. You know, everyone is young.

Jason from Manhattan writes: What about the deafening pneumatic sound city buses make when lowering at stops? It gets me every time. Also, the jackhammers during summer construction are terrible. I wear noise cancelling earplug headphones on the train to enjoy music and always plug my ears with my fingers when trains roll in the station. I always carry a set of earplugs so I'm prepared for bars, concerts, or sudden unplanned noise exposure.

Carola from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn writes: The worst for me are trucks and emergency vehicle sirens, which are everywhere. Can't something be done about truck engines, and do the sirens really have to be _that_ loud?

Eduardo from Facebook writes: Any NYC street at 1, 2, & 3 in the morning, when 1) municipal garbage, 2) recyclables and/or 3) restaurant garbage are being picked up by the loudest trucks in the world. Not sure why this fair city hasn't learned to consolidate a) pick-up times & b) pick-up spots around commercial corners, instead of each truck stopping every 5 feet or so .... Fuel would be saved, and stress & fatigue levels would decrease so much if this was done! It's really hard to sleep if you're (otherwise) lucky to have a street-facing window...

Pauline from Facebook writes: Any restaurant with a screaming baby. I used to have one... A screaming baby, that is... Their screams can reach 110 decibels, so I'm told, and it sure feels like it.

Cesar from NYC writes: any laws enforcing sound limits in music clubs and concerts??? if there is a smoke ban there should also be a control on the sound limits being blasted on some venues!!