Tell us Your Economic Resolutions!

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Do you feel a bit wiser now that you’ve come through the 2009 financial crisis? Do you have a plan or a resolution for the new year? Perhaps you are bracing for another tough year, but this time you'll be prepared. Tell us about it!

Through the month of December we will read many of your contributions on air. Use the form on the Uncommon Economic Indicator page to share your resolution with us. Here are a few that have come in from other listeners:

Sam from Brooklyn

My economic resolution is to invest in myself.  I'm not talking about buying superficial things . I don't need a large television or an iPhone. I want to buy things that will improve the quality of my life such as a  warm winter coat, a new bed, and perhaps spend some money on traveling and hobby classes. Maybe even a good set of knives (I like cooking).  Most of all, I'll never invest money again unless I'm prepared to lose it. Funny, that's the same mantra I have before entering a casino...

Janet told us,

I resolved to be a better tipper.

Thomas Kim wrote:

I was laid-off in May 2009. I made a resolution to save more money and I reduced my consumption tremendously. I canceled my cable TV, my expensive gym membership (I now work out in the park and at home), reduced my bar nights, ride my bicycle and cook most of my meals at home. Next on my list is to learn how to bake my own bread.

Jax told us:

Since recessions occur at least once EVERY DECADE, I will start preparing for the next downturn.  I will continue to cook gourmet vegan dinners (cheaper than meat and diary), bag lunch, and keep obligations to a minimum. I will seek business brokering opportunities online, and diversify my income streams. I enjoyed this Best Recession Ever!