Uncommon Economic Resolutions

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Post your resolution under 'Tell Your Story' on the Uncommon Economic Indicators Home Page!

One year ago we introduced Your Uncommon Economic Indicators.  Since then, hundreds of you have sent us stories, photos, videos…and even calls to report on the changes you see in your neighborhood or workplace caused by the recession. Some of you also told us about changes you were making for yourself: going back to school, quitting a habit, walking to work or drastically changing your budget. We want to know how that worked out. What was the resolution to your plans?

We also want to hear from those of you who feel a little bit wiser now that you've come through a financial crisis. Do you have a resolution for the new year? Tell us about it!

Through the month of December we will read many of your contributions on air. Use the form on the Uncommon Economic Indicator page to give us an update.