Good Uncommon-Economic-Indicators Morning!

Brian Lehrer on Good Morning America

Brian Lehrer on Good Morning America

The Brian Lehrer Show's listener-reporter collaboration, Your Uncommon Economic Indicators, has certainly helped shape how we view the recent recession.

As Brian told the host of Good Morning America on Sunday, the reporting he has done with his audience shows the effects of the economic crisis from a different vantage point, that of the individual.

Contributors to our project write in about how the falling economy has affected their daycare, lawn care, their commute and their walk down the street. From the ground they see new art, a troubled advertising industry and unsold condos. At the workplace they see more brown bag lunches and get invitations to sell their gold. Many have changed their careers or their grocery spending habits and some have found new vacation spots and take library books to local beaches.

As people continue to send in evidence about how consumers are still cautious and the effects of unemployment remain far reaching,  Brian says with confidence, 'We're not out of this yet!'  Until the listeners of WNYC  tell us differently, Your Uncommon Economic Indicators will be here to offer that collective view of how we're all doing in this recession.