30 Issues in 30 Days: The Schedule


This fall, the 30 Issues in 30 Days Series will be honing in on the New York Mayoral race and the NJ Gubernatorial contest. And, as with last Fall's series, we are crowdsourcing the project. We asked for you to nominate issues; then had you vote on which ones to include; and now we're underway! In true open source fashion, below is the basic plan for this year's slate of 30 Issues in 30 Days segments. The dates and topics aren't final, but we'll try to keep this schedule as updated as possible!

Week 1

During the kick-off week, we'll examine the incumbent records and begin to look in depth on a few key issues. We'll also devote Issue One to the lingering Democratic comptroller's race, which has gone to a runoff between John Liu and David Yassky.

1 Mon 9/21 The Comptroller Runoff: Managing the Pension Fund (Listen Here)
2 Tues 9/22 Examining the Bloomberg Record (Listen Here)
3 Weds 9/23 New Jersey Urban Policy (Listen Here)
4 Thurs 9/24 Examining the Corzine Record (Listen Here)
5 Fri 9/25: Live From The Greene Space: New York and New Jersey's Youth Brain Drain (Listen Here)

Week 2: Week-long Focus on Development in NYC
All this week, we'll be discussing what's at stake for development in New York City, from affordable housing and zoning to close examinations of Atlantic Yards and other high-profile projects.

6 Mon 9/28 Eminent Domain (Listen Here)
7 Tues 9/29 Zoning for Industrial, Residential and Commercial Development (Listen Here)
8 Weds 9/30 Focus: Atlantic Yards (Listen Here)
9 Thurs 10/1 Affordable Housing (Listen Here)
Bonus: Interview with Bill Thompson on Development Issues. (Listen Here)
10 Fri 10/2 Focus: World Trade Center (Listen Here)

Week 3: Week-long Focus on Development in NJ
As with the look at NYC, this week will be devoted to development issues in New Jersey, from high profile projects at the Meadowlands to the intersection of development and corruption. Be sure to read Bob Hennelly's excellent primer on development in New Jersey!

11 Mon 10/5 Corruption and Development (Listen Here)
12 Tues 10/6 Focus: Xanadu and The Meadowlands (Listen Here)
13 Weds 10/7 Farmlands and Open Space (Listen Here)
14 Thurs 10/8 Affordable Housing (Listen Here)
15 Fri 10/9 Smart Suburbs and Transit (Listen Here)
Bonus: Interview with NJ Independent Chris Daggett. (Listen Here)

Week 4
16 Mon 10/12 New Jersey Immigration Policy (top ten vote getter!) (Listen here)
17 Tues 10/13 Poverty and Homelessness in NYC (Listen Here)
18 Weds 10/14 NYC Taxes and Interviews with Controller Candidates (Listen Here)
Plus Analysis of the Previous Night's Mayoral Debate (Listen Here)
19 Thurs 10/15 Tolls and Taxes on Drivers and Suburban Transportation (top ten vote getter!) (Listen Here)
20 Fri 10/16 Recycling and Renewable Energy (top ten vote getter!) (Listen Here)

Week 5
21 Mon 10/19 New Jersey Education (Listen Here)
22 Tues 10/20 Arts and Culture Funding (top ten vote getter!) (Listen Here)
23 Weds 10/21 Marijuana Policy (Listen Here)
24 Thurs 10/22 Bike Lanes in NYC (top ten vote getter!) (Listen Here)
25 Fri 10/23 Social Issues New Jersey
Plus Analysis of the Previous Night's New Jersey Gubernatorial Debate (Listen Here)

Week 6
26 Mon 10/26 New York Education
Part 1: Bill Thompson on Education (Listen Here)
Part 2: The Bloomberg Record (Listen Here)
27 Tues 10/27 Taxes in New Jersey
Chris Daggett, Independent candidate (Listen Here)
Jon Corzine, Democratic candidate and incumbent (Listen Here)
Keith Ryzewicz of the Courier News, backing Republican Chris Christie (Listen Here)
28 Weds 10/28 Jobs Inc. (top ten vote getter!) (Listen Here)
29 Thurs 10/29 NY Crime, Stop and Frisk
30 Fri 10/30 The Lingering Effects of the Term Limit Fight in NYC

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd!