Who's mowing your lawn this year?

Three men mowing the lawn
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In a new post to Your Uncommon Economic Indicators,
Birgit Hottenrott tells us that, based on what she sees in her part of Hastings-on-Hudson, she wonders if tighter budgets are inspiring more do-it-yourself lawn care.
She writes:

My lawn and that of my immediate neighbors is so tiny we all share a mower - but up the street lawns are much bigger and the number of homeowners we now see mowing their own lawns is rather jarring! Instead of my kids being friendly to the various lawns crews, they are now meeting and seeing more neighbors (and my son has noted that their mowers are much slower and smaller).

We want to know your lawn strategy! Are you using your old patio furniture for another year instead of buying new? Cleaning the pool yourself? Did you just invest in a new mower? We'd love to hear from you.
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