The Recession and Changes to our Space

Your Uncommon Economic Indicators is entering its fourth month and we now have twenty-seven photographers in our Flickr Group. Many of our contributors have included images with their stories--129, in fact.

We grouped the photos above to show the number of you who have noticed major changes to the space around you: businesses leaving the Upper West Side, graffiti collecting on stalled construction or renovation projects and some personal notes from store owners that give us real evidence of the struggle of small business in this economy.

This is a good issue for us to  focus on. Please keep this slide show about our space in mind when you are out. Send photos to us and we'll keep adding them to this set. This is a great way for you to be the eyes of WNYC. We look forward to seeing what you find.

Thanks again for your contributions.

Brian, Megan, Lisa, Jody, Paige and Annie