Collecting Recession Stories

Here at The Brian Lehrer Show, home of Your Uncommon Economic Indicators, we are starting to feel we're in good company as more websites emerge that feature people and their personal reactions to the recession.

We've been tracking the progress of the Chu brothers, who piled gear in a van and declared themselves on a road trip to film what the recession looks like all around the U.S. Their site is called The Recess Ends, and the brothers have a knack for capturing genuine emotion as people respond to their questions about the economy.

T.R.E. Frankel's from B-Rilla on Vimeo.

Another new site called The-Breadline, takes stories from contributors who count among the thousands of unemployed. Each person fills out a survey with questions like, "How do you cope with getting up every morning? What motivates you?" Here is one answer:

The sun wakes me up at around 7 these days. I walk the dog, putter in the garden, look for jobs, apply for jobs, check Facebook, read a book, watch Hulu, cook some beans. After years of working my ass off, I’m frankly kind of enjoying the time off, and I’m staying busy with volunteer projects.

There is plenty of room at the table for all the stories created by uncertain economic times. We hope you will share yours.

Brian, Megan, Lisa, Jody, Paige and Annie