WordArt on the street: Recession

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Brian had Marc and Sarah Schiller, founders of the Wooster Collective, in to talk today about the street art that our eagle-eye listeners have posted to Your Uncommon Economic Indicators. Wooster Collective is a website dedicated to showcasing street art from around the world, so they had a pretty good take on why artists might put their concerns about the economy on the sidewalks, empty store fronts and billboards around the metro region.

We included in this video of the Schillers' visit to our studio, some of the contributions listeners had sent, as well as some selections from the Wooster Collective website. Since then, more photos have come in. If you notice street art about the recession, be sure to post it!

A discussion about whether or not street art is real art continues on our comments section of today's segment, YEUI:Street Art.