Don't Toss it, Fix it!

Every Thursday in Brooklyn, a small gallery and reading room called Proteus Gowanus, tucked in the back of one of the old industrial buildings along the canal, opens its doors to those with broken lamps and bicycles, torn jeans or socks with holes. The weekly event is part of its annual theme MEND, which explores all the ways to manage your stuff rather than get overwhelmed by it. We visited the gallery last week and found people of a variety of ages noodling together on how to patch holes and repair an old, motorized piece of art. The event is officially called The Fixers Collective, and anyone with with a broken something, or the interest in learning how to fix stuff, is welcome.

Tammy Pittman, director of Proteus Gowanus, visited the Brian Lehrer Show last Friday to talk about the practical and philosophical aspects of mending, rather than buying. She was joined by artist Donna Maria De Creeft, who leads a sock-darning workshop as part of the show.

Listen to the segment: