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Wordle Count: words appearing most on Your Uncommon Economic Indicators

Wordle Count: words appearing most on Your Uncommon Economic Indicators

In over 380 posts to Your Uncommon Economic Indicators, take a look above at the words most used by contributors writing about the recession. Our producer Jody Avirgan pasted the project's URL into the nifty website WORDLE and sent us the word cloud above.  How interesting that the most frequently appearing word is 'people,' followed by 'now', 'work', 'business' and 'new'. It struck us as significant that so many of you write about others, and often with great concern--about their shopping habits, their lost jobs, their family businesses and even changes in their driving habits.

What does this tell us? Our project is working, because all of you are the eyes and ears for WNYC spread across the metro region, and you're reporting back with important observations.  Like Elyse Singer from the Upper West Side, who spotted this sign of a 109 year-old business that is closing its doors tomorrow:

In the past three months, I have seen many shops in the 2-block radius from my Upper West Side building shutter their doors. These include a wine shop, comic book store and furniture shop. The signs in Schneider's Framing's window, though, break the heart...(note: the store is closing at the end of March.) See the photo Elyse posted of Schneider's hand-written goodbye sign in our Flickr group.

Thanks for all the stories and news you have sent in so far. Keep it coming!

Brian, Megan, Lisa, Jody, Kate, Paige and Annie