Positive Reactions: Things are lookin' up


MS 51 volunteers help with the Old Stone House garden at Washington Park

There is no doubt that a lot of the contributions we get to Your Uncommon Economic Indicators are about job loss, reduced budgets and empty store fronts. But once in awhile we encounter a Bright Spot in the recession doldrums.

One of those moments was finding Erin Barnes, co-founder of a new website IOBY (In Our Back Yards). She explained the site to Brian on Thursday's show. It will launch in April, and people will be able to ask for help with their green projects--from garden plots to waterfront clean up. Volunteers can also find places to help out. She said this is her solution to feeling overwhelmed by news of the recession or global warming.

You can listen to the segment here:

Several other people sent some good news to Your Uncommon Economic Indicators this week:

Jason wrote in with good news. He said, 'Business had dried up because our main customers were retailers, artists, and museums. Each had stopped spending for the recession. BUT! Things have finally picked up. Each of the sectors has a few projects in the works. I worked 40 hours this past week and there is work lined up for at least the next month. Knock-on-wood, but it feels like the bottom has come and gone for our business. Hopefully we can sustain this and maybe it will even repeat citywide now.'

Kate told us, 'I've been watching the National Passport Center's processing time. It has gone from 3 weeks to process non-rush orders to 4 weeks. Does this mean more people are getting passports ready for spring or summer travel?? Could be!'

Kenny Ye writes, "One of my daughter's best friends and her baby brother stopped coming to the daycare after their mother lost her jobs more than half year ago. But last week they are back! My daughter is happy to see her friend back and I am happy to see their mother is back to work. This is a very positive indicator of the economy."

And Scott noticed, "For the past 10 years, I've driven from Indiana to the East Coast at least twice a year. Until a couple years ago, I would always see at least five of those large car transporter trucks on each trip. For the past 18 months, I haven't passed a single one on that trip. That is, until my trip back here last month - I saw one on the road, and it really stuck out. Does this mean dealer inventories are finally in need of replenishing?"

If you have some good news, or if you have a positive solution to a tough situation, share it with the rest of us. Comment below or post it to our project.