Mess or Blessing?

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photo by Jill Zimmerman

photo by Jill Zimmerman

One of our recent contributors to the Uncommon Economic Indicators loves her view (see photo).

She writes, ' walking around my [Williamsburg] neighborhood, I see tons of empty lots that were formerly old factories and apartment buildings bulldozed to put more 'luxury condos' up. They were sprouting up like weeds until a few months ago. I am personally happy (as are many long time residents) to see open space with weeds and dirt rather than yet another glass box for rich kids to live in. '

That's truly a case of one person's trash being another's treasure. WNYC is going to take a closer look at this empty lot story and see just how widespread the halted construction projects are.

Once again, it's what you--our listeners--report back to us that helps create intelligent and thorough reporting. Thanks Jill!

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