Your Stories On Air: When Work Isn't Enough, There's Plan B

Your Uncommon Economic Indicators pointed us toward how the economy has compelled many of you to get creative about making ends meet. Getting the bills paid on time is rough, but Caitlin Kelley, our guest for YUEI: Plan B didn't mince words. She says, "get a grip and go get some work!"

She was joined by a contributor to our project, Amanda Joyce , who chose to leave her "toxic" job for peace of mind. It took a little courage, but she soon had interviews and is now happy and working again.

Listen to the segment here:

Not everyone has had such great luck with their back-up plan, and we thank Di from Chatham, NJ for posting her comment:

Although I am gainfully employed, within the last few weeks, I've had to activate aspects of my "B" plan because of sudden increases in my credit card interest rates. I've decided not to wait for my tax return and take a short term loan from my 401k to pay the credit card down and then repay my 401k with the tax return when it comes in.

The drastic increases shocked and distressed me, especially since I have a very high credit score. I just happen to be one of those people that needed to use my credit card for expensive emergencies over the last few months leaving me prone to predatory lenders at the worst possible time.

I've learned too over the past few weeks that others with good scores have received increases as well. It's upsetting that our tax dollars were used to pay out multi-million dollar bonuses to bankers and then they turn around and hit us again by shooting up the interest rates to astronomical levels.

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