Poetry Follow Up Friday

To celebrate National Poetry Month, we asked for poetry submissions from listeners about their favorite Brian Lehrer segments. Each poet was instructed to begin their verse with the words, "I heard." On Wednesday, we arranged for some of our favorites to be read on-air. Alas, when we called poet Don Deixel, something went awry with the phones and we weren't able to include his fabulous acrostic sonnet (be sure to read down the first letter of each line).

In true Follow-Up Friday style, we present the sonnet Don originally submitted, followed by the sonnet he composed as he waited by his silent telephone:

I heard David Kenny speak out in pain.

No on should live in fear of forced return

To where a tyrant waits. We need to learn

Each case where such a despot can restrain

Liberty, and use our laws to cleanse the stain.

Last month we read how Pharoah freedom did spurn;

I felt my yearly conscience pangs' hot burn,

Goading me to fight oppression wheneveer its chain

Enslaves the body or the waterboarded brain.

No one else gives me the news, no on can earn

The respect that I give 'NYC'. Others churn.

Spin trivia, echo those in power, rant on inane.

In the main, I daily gain knowledge from Brian Lehrer.

Among all the talking heads, there's no one fairer.

...and the follow up...

I HEARD the phone; alas, it was not you!

From 11:45 I sat, prepared to read, till well past two,

In hopes my moment of eternal fame was nigh,

Waiting, hearing others summoned, but alas, not I.

Eventually, I left my phone-side perch, resigned to

Respect the judgment of those who chose. I knew

Every poem read did not obey the rules, and wondered why

A poem , fine as mine and so sycophantic, wasn't rated high.

Given that those selected had some skill, it's true,

Or showed they listened to 'NYC', and knew what was new --

Or did they maybe recycle an earlier effort and try

Deceptively, to pass old brass for gold to an unsuspecting eye?

Perhaps I erred in the sucking-up I tried to do --

Oh, had I known that Brian would take off! Had I a clue,

Erasing his name in favor of ones more attention getting:

Those of Kate Hinds or Lisa or Amy Eddings!

Thanks, Don!