Janet Lee's Top 10 Fitness Myths

MYTH 1: Stretching will prevent injury and enhance your performance.

MYTH 2: To burn maximum fat, work out in your fat-burning zone.

MYTH 3: You can spot reduce. OR You can burn off fat in a particular area.

MYTH 4: Crunches will get rid of your pot belly. AND/OR You can isolate your "lower abs."

MYTH 5: Building muscle will significantly speed up your metabolism.

MYTH 6: More exercise is better.

MYTH 7: Pilates can lengthen your muscles.

MYTH 8: Muscle turns to fat if you don't use it.

MYTH 9: It's better to use weight machines because they help you maintain better form.

MYTH 10: If your back hurts, you need to strengthen the muscles.