Required Reading: December 13, 2006

Saudis Say They Might Back Sunnis if U.S. Leaves Iraq (NY Times)

Pentagon's Plan: More U.S. Troops In Iraq (LA Times)

White House to Delay Shift on Iraq Until '07 (NY Times)

Immigration Raid Linked To ID Theft, Chertoff Says (USA Today)

Army, Marine Corps To Ask for More Troops (Washington Post)

Pakistan Court Drops Charge in London Plot Case (NY Times)

Pakistan's Support for Militants Threatens Region, Karzai Says (NY Times)

Web Site Hunts Pedophiles, and TV Goes Along (NY Times)

Salvo Fired in Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Battle (NY Sun)

School 'Cell' Switch (NY Post)

Pals Hit On N.Y.'s Rich Moocher (NY Daily News)