Required Reading: October 24, 2006

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U.N. Says Human Rights Violators Cite U.S. (Washington Post)

AP photographer kidnapped in Gaza Strip (Seattle PI/AP)

Offering Perks, Lenders Court Colleges' Favor (NY Times)

Conyers Hones a Case Against President Bush (NY Sun)

Meat Labels Hope To Lure the Sensitive Carnivore (NY Times)

Ethics Panel Says N.Y. Comptroller's Use Of Drivers Broke The Law (NY Times)

Big Raises Urged For Officials & Council (NY Daily News)

Officials: WTC Body Parts Search Was Rushed (Newsday)

Column: Perfect Mom Now Just Myth America (NY Daily News)

'Bath Room' Break (NY Post)

Environmentalists Chain Themselves to Victoria's Secret (Village Voice)

another take:
Memo to Future Protesters: Don't Block the Lingerie (NY Times)