Required Reading: 9/8/2006

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Cheney and Rice Battled Over Fate of CIA Secret Prisoners (Wash Post)

OBL Releases Video from the Archives (NY Times)

ABC Re-edits 9/11 Docudrama after Clinton, Dems criticize (via Huff Post)

France says "No War on Terror" (Reuters)

Armitage Remorseful Over Plame Leak (NY Times)

YouTube Star, Lonelygirl15 a Hollywood Ploy? (LA Times)

HP PIs Eavesdropped on Journalists (SF Chronicle)

Ads on Page One OK Says Slate's Shafer (Slate)

Former EPA Head, Whitman, Blames Rudy for Health Risks to 9/11 Workers (Daily News)

Manhattan is Target's™ next Target (NY Post)