Required Reading: April 6, 2006

In which Scooter Libby fingers President Bush in testimony, Bush plans to resume production of nuclear weapons, federally-funded scientists feel muzzled over climate change, inspired by LA demos, Latino activists plan new rallies across the country, NYC welfare rolls reach a 40-year low, Jeffrey Canada accept's Bloomberg's assignment to bust poverty in poor neighborhoods, and US parents send their tots to day care in Canada.

"Bush Said to Have Cleared Early Release of Iraq Intelligence to Times" (NY Sun)

"U.S. Rolls Out Nuclear Plan" (LA Times)

"Climate Researchers Feeling Heat From White House" (Washington Post)

"Immigration Debate Wakes A 'Sleeping Latino Giant'" (Washington Post)

"Welfare cases at 40-yr. low in city" (NY Daily News)

"Deadline Pending for a 'Realistic' Plan on Poverty" (NY Sun)

"Want cheap day care? Consider Canada" (CS Monitor)