Required Reading: April 5, 2006

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In which Sheldon Silver wades into the WTC rebuilding fracas, NY and NJ hospitals are rated the nation's worst, Massachusetts passes a plan for near-universal healthcare, foreign relief groups blast the Red Cross over Katrina response, Katie Couric says yes (really!) to CBS, a DHS spokesman is caught in a kiddie porn sting, and Jack Shafer cancels his Times subscription.

"Silver blasts mayor, gov" (NY Daily News)

"State's Hosps Second Worst" (NY Post)

"Massachusetts Sets Health Plan for Nearly All" (NY Times)

"Foreign Experts Critique U.S. Red Cross on Katrina" (NY Times)

"Katie Couric Leaving NBC's 'Today' for CBS" (AP)

"DHS spokesman arrested in child sex sting" (CNN)

"I'm Canceling My Times Subscription" (Slate)