Feedback: Karen Armstrong

Subject: sounds like my mom
My mother, a devout Catholic, taught us very much what your guest has just said: all religions are the same, because there is only one God. I don't know what the Pope would have replied, but her daughters, whose conception of "god" is basically a secular one, learned from her that faith was about spirit, not dogma.

Subject: Karen Armstrong guest
"There is bad religion just like there is bad art and bad cooking." Possibly the truest statement I've heard from in media in years.

Subject: Question for Karen Armstrong
I am a painter. I experience the metaphysical, transcendent every day in my studio and yet I am an agnostic. Many think I'm a magical thinker, and yet I sell my work all the time and give pleasure, good will to people and yet I live in other worlds. Please explain.

Subject: Karen Armstrong on comp
Few comments on compassion that evolved at that time 200-400 BC. It also included not just human beings but also animals. Buddha is known to have offered himself as sacrifice in place of a sheep. Compassion to animals is very integral part of Jaininsm. We have strayed away from compassion not only to other human beings but more largely so when it comes to animals. How can we look into eyes of a pig which is known to be as intelligent as a 2 or 3 year old child and say you are destined to live in intense confinement from birth to before slaughtered and be transported and killed brutally.

Subject: 3/28
can you ask your guest if she has read "Is God an Accident?" (Atlantic Monthly, Dec. 2005). One of the article's contentions is that our brains are pre-wired to create order out of chaos. It seems to me that the desire for "order" has gone haywire with nations trying to impose religious rules on all human activities and their individual political objectives.

[listen to the BL Show interview of Paul Bloom on his Atlantic Monthly article from 12/28/05]

[listen to Brian's interview with Karen Armstrong from today]