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Wealthy Candidates - Good. What would this country be without the contributions to government made by those who have demonstrated their acumen intelligence and capacity for success first in the private sector? Both parties have representatives here (at least in the NJ Governor’s race) so it’s not as though it’s only skewing in one direction. And hasn’t Bloomberg the business man been able to keep the city solvent? What’s to complain about here?

I am a 60-year-old white female New Yorker. I enjoyed very much your
interview with Myrlie Evers Williams this morning (Thurs. June 9) and
am so glad that Medgar Evers' life work is finally being documented. But Mrs. Evers' use of the expression "Uncle Tom" grates on me enough to make me leap to my computer. That title character, as I remember him (I also should re-read the book), was not an obsequious toady but a hero! Mrs. Stowe portrayed Tom (the "Uncle" was dropped very early in the book) as a quiet, dignified resister who allowed himself to be beaten to death in the end
rather than disclose the whereabouts of a pair of runaway slave women.


I get a feeling, as do others I have talked to, of xenophobia among Bayonne residents. I have really tried to like going to Bayonne, but have never really felt comfortable there.

Councilman Martinez misinformed the audience today about Marble Hill and you passed on incorrect information several times as a result: it is by state law a part of Manhattan, not the Bronx. We vote for Manhattan officials, serve on Manhattan juries and the home owners in our neighborhood pay Manhattan taxes. One of the reasons we get unpredictable services out of the City is because they don’t know where we are and who is supposed to take care of City services here. (One section of the Marble Hill Projects, on the west side of B’way, is in the Bronx.)