Your election feedback

I don't even know what to think at this point. Do any of the individuals who voted based on abortion or religious issues understand the global implications of re-electing this dimwit?

To say that the Swiftboat allegations sank the Kerry bid for the Presidency is dishonest. It did not. Kerry changed his focus every five minutes during his campaign and gained little traction until the closing stretch.

The tragedy of the Bush campaign and Presidency is that he has exacerbated the divide and ignored the needs of the half of the electorate that did not vote for him.

The Democratic Party is like a train wreck happening is slow motion,
that started with the loss of the South and the vilification of the
word "Liberal" under Reagan, continued with the failure by Gore to
properly contest Florida, the rubber stamp for Bush's War in Iraq, and
the lack of vocal outrage by Dems at all the lies and civil liberties
violations by the Bushies.

What outrages me is that I feel that I am still helplessly watching the
train wreck happening.

I live in Colorado and voted for the Libertarian candidate, Michael Badnarik. I'm surprised that the term "morals" is bringing so much fervor to the American public because I believe that each and everyone of us bases our votes, at least in part, on our moral makeup. But the way we define morals can be like night and day.

For example;

I find it a moral duty to support a secular government and be inclusive of all Americans by abolishing religious motivations in politics.

I believe that it is moral to support marriage regardless of whether it is between a man and a woman or a man and a man.

I think it to be moral to protect human life by being anti-war and anti-abortion.

I believe it to be a moral obligation to protect our environment.

So what does anyone mean when they say that they are basing their vote on morals??????