Feedback: The Ballot

Isn't the right to vote a direct result of being a citizen?
Shouldn't those who have at least served their time be allowed to
excercise this right? And secondly, is it actually Constitutional to
have varying state laws that prohibit felons from voting? After all
isn't voting a right which should be protected by the federal
government? -M.C.

From my perspective it seems that many of the Republican Secretaries of States instead of finding ways within the law to have as many votes as possible counted are using their interpretations of the law to find reasons to exclude votes. I understand the politics of all this but is this really what a true democracy is all about?- R.C.

There are major concerns right now that there will not be enough voting machines for all of the people [in Ohio]. Cuyahoga county is where Cleveland is located and has a lot of minority voters.... whether this is a direct attempt by the Taft administration to make Ohio vote republican or not I have no idea but with as many electoral votes that Ohio holds I think that it is important. N.M