John Kerry Rifle Update

Based on an article in the New York Times on Monday, September 27, I think your blog site and your discussion today on guns err in stating that Kerry owns an assault rifle.

The article, on page A18, is titled "No Assault Rifle for Kerry, After All." Kerry Campaign spokesman asserts that Outdoor Life magazine, which stated that Kerry owned a Chinese assault rifle, had received incorrect info. from the campaign. Magazine presents Kerry's comment about owning the assault rifle as occurring during an interview; but campaign spokesman, Michael Meehan, says that no conversation occurred; rather a Kerry campaign staff member had provided Kerry's "comments" and had written incorrectly about the rifle.

Instead, according to Meehan, Kerry owns a single-bolt-action military rifle that he got from a friend years ago--made in Russia more than a
hundred years ago and used by North Koreans and Vietcong. He keeps this as
a relic and has never fired it.