30 Issues: North Korea

John Kerry is fond of pointing out that President Bush has handled North Korea very differently from Iraq, despite designating both countries as members of the "axis of evil". In fact, W's strategy of multilateral talks is about as far as you can get from full military action.

But is there really a contradiction there? We didn't know the full extent of Saddam's nuclear program, while North Korea claims to have nuclear weapons there's good reason to believe their program has advanced considerably in recent years.

from the John Kerry for President website: President Bush has said that he wants a diplomatic resolution of the crisis. If the coming talks are to be more than show, however, the Bush administration must commit itself to negotiate directly with the North Koreans.

from the Republican Party Platform: In concert with America’s allies South Korea and Japan, and supported by China Russia, our nation is leading the international community to speak with one voice to demand the complete, verifiable, and irreversible dismantlement of North Korea’s nuclear programs.


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