Feedback: North Korea

No mention was made of our friends and allies, Pakistan, India, and Israel, having never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Nor of Pakistan being arguably the greatest proliferator of nuclear weapons technology. Neither did anyone think to comment on our own country’s leaders recently restarting our nuclear weapons program.
Are these matters not of far more concern to our national interests than North Korea’s sabre rattling?


The Bush administration is continuing its policy of ignoring dialogue and negotiations with Iran right now, perhaps a more immanent threat than N. Korea. When Bush recently addressed the UN, he split town right afterwards . Subsequently that week, Charlie Rose interviewed a slew of Foreign Ministers including Iran’s Kamal Kharrazi who clearly stated that Iran was ready and willing to sit down and sign agreements to hedge their development toward nuclear arms.
Now, why is it that Charlie Rose is doing the work that Bush should be doing?


Why not ask Robert Einhorn and his ilk to answer how it is that he can characterize the US-South Korea relationship as a threat to North Korea? Based on what, communist propaganda? As if the North Koreans have something to worry about from the rest of us other than losing a society that has no respect for human rights and has murdered millions, a la Stalin and Mao.